Ashleigh Di Lello

Break Free From Anxiety, Emotional Stress, And Physical Pain w/Ashleigh Di Lello

Before we can even get out of fight or flight, we have to start becoming a partner with our brain and body and not fighting them. Because as long as we feel like we’re enemies and we’re fighting our brain or we’re fighting our body, we’re perpetuating fight or flight within ourselves.


This interview with Ashleigh Di Lello could change your life. 


In this episode, Ashleigh and I talk about the incredible power of the brain. 


When Ashleigh was just 13, she was faced with a terminal diagnosis. She was told by doctors that she could never dance again, that she wouldn’t live long enough to get married or have children, and that she wouldn’t make it past her teenage years.


But she refused to accept this, and set out on a journey to find another path. This led her to discover how you can heal your body with the power of your brain. 


Ashleigh is the founder and creator of Bio Emotional Healing, a revolutionary method based in neuroscience that helps her clients around the world finally break free from emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, anxiety, and chronic pain to thrive in their lives! Ashleigh defied the odds and has been an elite athlete, a TV & Broadway star, and has become an entrepreneur, mind coach, and motivational speaker.


In this episode she shares two incredible and tangible tools that you can use daily to RESPOND instead of reacting to whatever life throws at you. 



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