3 Steps To Create Lasting Change w/Khalil Rafati

Most people don’t want to change. But if you really want to change, you have to do the work. What’s the work? Listen to this podcast episode to find out! Put these 3 things into practice and I promise you, you will look in the mirror one day (sooner than you think) and you’ll barely recognize yourself.


Khalil Rafati is the founder of SunLife Organics. It’s not just a smoothie or a juice shop. It’s a place for transformation and human connection, a place where people can go and really feel truly that they’re loved and that they matter.


He has an amazing and powerful story. In this conversation with Khalil you’ll hear how he went from the lowest of lows (living on the streets of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, addicted to heroin and cocaine) to how he got sober, and over time how he changed and grew into the man he is today. 


I can’t wait to share this conversation with you. Enjoy!

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