Joe & Serenity Carr

Every Bite Counts w/Joe & Serenity Carr (Serenity Kids)

When it comes to nutrition and overall health, every bite counts…especially for our children! And most of the food out there for babies and kids is terrible. So what are parents supposed to do? Serenity Kids can help!


In this podcast I interview Joe and Serenity Carr, the co-founders of Serenity Kids.


I met Joe and Serenity about a year ago at an event, and I knew when I started this podcast that I wanted to have them on here. 


As you may or may not know, my mission is to impact the health of generations to come, and I know that we do that through the moms. Joe and Serenity created one of the most incredible “first food” products (food pouches and puffs) for children.


They source the best ingredients and their macronutrients are very well balanced. They even have a healthy baby formula, and it’s the only formula I would ever recommend.


They have an incredible story of overcoming health challenges that were caused by poor food and diet when they were young. 


Over the years, as they cleaned up their own diet, they found a lot of healing and wellness in their body and mind. 


When they had their own child, they discovered that the food for babies contained all the stuff they had cut out of their own diet. Serenity Kids was born out of their desire to create healthy and nutritious food for their own baby. 


Those first foods, the first things that we put in our kid’s bodies are so important. So whether you have a baby, or you know someone with a baby, or perhaps someone in your family is thinking about having a baby, please share this podcast with them. It could very well change their kids’ lives for the better and eliminate years of suffering.

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