Leila Centner

Core Values For Raising Confident, Healthy, & Happy Kids w/Leila Centner

When you create an open, loving environment, kids feel comfortable to make mistakes. And if they are comfortable making mistakes, that automatically increases their confidence level.


In this episode I get to interview Leila Center. Leila is the founder of the school that we put our children in here in Florida. And although I know most people listening to this probably aren’t going to move to Miami and put their kids in this school, there’s a lot that you can take away from this episode.


During our time together Leila and I cover the core values of the school. Core values are something that you can create in your own family. We’ve done this in ours, and it makes a big difference in the way that we parent our children and the things that we make time for together as a family.


We also talk about the main foundations of the school: Connection, love, and conscious discipline.


Conscious discipline is something that so many now have access to online. And there are coaches that you can find in your area, if you’re looking for help in your home or school.


There are so many good takeaways in this episode, even if you don’t send your kids to this school.


I’m so excited for you to hear it and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.



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