Ginny Luther

Discipline That Actually Works w/Ginny Luther (Conscious Parenting Coach)

Conscious discipline isn’t something we DO to kids…it’s something we help them create INSIDE THEMSELVES, so they can have the resiliency to be able to go off into the world. When we give them conscious skills, it feels good to them. It feels respectful. It feels kind. It feels compassionate. It feels assertive, which helps them feel like their voice matters. 


In this next episode, I get to interview Ginny Luther, a master instructor of conscious discipline. 


I know many of us by now have heard certain buzzwords like mindfulness, being present, and conscious living. 


In this episode with Ginny we talk about raising kids consciously. This is something that my kids are getting to take advantage of, as it’s woven into their curriculum at school. 


And I’m so excited to bring one of their instructors to YOU! 


I hope you enjoy this episode!

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