Miesha Tate

Our Biggest Losses Hold Our Greatest Lessons w/Miesha Tate (UFC Champion)

Miesha Tate is a world champion UFC fighter. But it’s not the victories that made her who she is today; it was the losses. Because that’s when she had to dig deep and choose whether she wanted to grow from those experiences or stay complacent. And as she says, complacency is where dreams go to die…

This episode is incredible.

You are going to walk away with so many tangible tools that you can use in your life to help you get through challenges, whether they’re big challenges or the small, everyday challenges that we all experience.

In this episode we get to hear from Miesha Tate who is a UFC champion, she won Big Brother 3 Celebrity Edition,  she’s an entrepreneur, a mother of two…a real powerhouse! 

And yet, she has struggles like the rest of us. 

She is someone that we could all put on a pedestal, thinking she has it all together and doesn’t have bad days (or that if she does, her “bad” isn’t nearly as bad as the rest of us). 

In this episode she is so real and vulnerable about the struggles that she has faced (and still faces) as well as the tools that she incorporates into her daily life that have made all the difference. 

These are things that every single one of us can use every day, if we’re willing to put them into practice and just start!

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