December 2022

Melissa Sonners

What’s Your Word This Year?

Every year, I choose a WORD. This is my guiding theme for the next 365 or so days.  This word and/or phrase becomes my GUIDE throughout the day, every single day, when faced with CHOICES.   Every single day we make hundreds of decisions.  What am I feeling? What should I have for breakfast? Should I …

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I Am Leaving My Gym

I’m about to BE the HEALTHIEST I have EVER been and the first step of that is leaving my gym.   Crazy, right?  Twelve years ago I joined a Crossfit gym. I had just had our first child and wanted a way to get my body back.  I was in the thick of recovering from birth, …

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My Dad

My Dad

Someone recently asked me what my BEST memory with my dad was.  It was an interesting question and at the time I didn’t have the space to come up with the answer.   And then, as typically happens- when I spent some time in the quiet, the answer came to me.   Experiencing MUSIC together.  My dad …

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Circadian Rhythm Swap

Circadian Rhythm Swap

Let’s talk about light. Have you been hearing about red light and blue light? Are you wondering what all the buzz is about? Or perhaps you haven’t heard yet.  So let me explain.   In the spectrum of light there are many colors, including blue light and red light (along with many others).  We are supposed …

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