Unlocking the Power Within: A Deep Dive into Detoxification and Optimal Health w/Dr. Chris Shade (Quicksilver Scientific)

If you’re filled with toxins (and many of us ARE if we aren’t detoxifying the RIGHT way), you can feed your body all the nutrients you want, and your body will still be UNABLE to function and heal as it naturally should. You’ve got to clear the slate and THEN give it what it needs. Do that, and everything comes back to power. 

This episode is so full of tangible information that has potential to TRANSFORM your and your family’s health. 

In this podcast I get to interview Dr. Chris Shade, who is the founder and CEO of one of my favorite supplement companies, Quicksilver Scientific

Dr. Shade is one of the smartest people I know and can explain things so well, and my biggest struggle with this episode was to make sure we fit it all in! 

With so much information out there (and much of it conflicting), my goal with this episode is to simplify this information for you and help you make decisions about what supplements would be best for YOU, based on your age and stage of life. 

We also touch on how to detoxify gently (yet effectively) how to support your teens hormonal health, supplements to take after exercise, and supplements that pair well with specific modalities (like ice baths/cold therapy, sauna, & HBOT). 

I’m so excited for you to hear this one and I would LOVE to hear your biggest takeaways! Let me know on Instagram or YouTube.


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Here are the items or resources we discussed in this episode:


Vitamins & Minerals:

Hormone Support, Adaptogens, & Energy:

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