Dr. Sonya Jensen

A Hormone Expert's Take On How To Best Support Our Guys (Big and Little) w/Dr. Sonya Jensen

“All of our roles are shifting. I think our generation especially is feeling confused because the generation before us was so defined, and we’re still trying to find our way. It will take time, presence, and self-reflection to determine what works for our individual family units. As our emotional bandwidth gets stretched, we need to have conversations and make shifts within the relationship when we’re feeling overwhelmed and overworked.”

In this thought-provoking episode, the insightful Dr. Sonya Jensen, a renowned naturopath and hormone expert, and I discuss a myriad of topics centered around how we can best support our guys (both big and small), including their physical, mental, hormonal, relational health. 

We delve into a rich conversation about the complexities of hormonal changes in our men. From the hormonal changes and fluctuations in 3-7 year olds, pre-teens, and teen boys, to the hormonal challenges in adult men. This episode provides insights into understanding these changes and offering the support our men need to thrive. 

We also discuss some challenges and tools for improving the relationship with our partners. 

Dr. Sonya Jensen is a naturopathic physician, author, mother of two, yoga teacher, and podcaster with a mission to change the way people understand their bodies and themselves. She brings her vast knowledge in hormonal health to this episode, providing valuable insights and practical advice on supporting our guys.


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