Ginny Luther

Transform Your Parenting By Choosing Connection Over Control w/Ginny Luther (Conscious Parenting Coach)

The cost of control is connection. And what children are always seeking is connection. Children will often try to get your attention (in both positive and negative ways) because they’re desiring to connect with you.

In this enlightening episode we are joined by Ginny Luther, a master instructor in Conscious Discipline. Ginny shares her deeply personal experiences and transformative insights on the profound power of connection in parenting. 

Drawing inspiration from her touching book, “Blue Star Grit,” she unpacks the essence of genuine connections with our children, even when dealing with “difficult” or defiant children. 

Key takeaways from the episode include:

Understanding Connection: The central theme is the inherent need for connection that every child seeks. While many label children as merely “attention-seeking,” Ginny clarifies that gaining attention is a stepping stone to achieve connection. Through this connection, children look for comfort, understanding, and the chance to make sense of their world.

Brain Development and Connection: Connection is not just a heartwarming feeling; it is a critical factor in wiring the brain for impulse control, motivation, and self-regulation. By connecting with a child, we facilitate the brain’s transition from a reactive state to a more controlled, responsive state.

Empathy and Playfulness: Ginny emphasizes that these two elements are vital in building strong, trustworthy bonds. Whether through empathetic interactions during challenging times or playful moments that strengthen relationships, both play crucial roles in nurturing the parent-child bond.

The Cost of Control: One of the episode’s highlights is the understanding that in the pursuit of control, we often lose out on meaningful connections. The genuine essence of parenting lies in seeking connection rather than exerting control.

Join us in this heartwarming journey with Ginny Luther as she underscores the essence and importance of connecting with ourselves, and our kids.  

It serves as a reminder for every parent to be truly present, fostering bonds that go beyond mere attention and delve into the heart of genuine, life-altering connections.


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