Ginny Luther

Transform Family Chaos To Calm With THIS Powerful Tool

What’s this powerful tool? 

A family meeting! But not just any family meeting will do…a family meeting run THIS way, using master conscious parenting coach Ginny Luther’s approach. And that’s what we’re going to break down in this episode. 

Learn how you can use THIS style of family meetings as a way to solve family problems, foster connection, and help your kids contribute more to the smooth operation of your family instead of creating more chaos and craziness. 

I’m so excited for you guys to experience and understand just one of the many tools that Ginny uses to coach parents. 

There’s an incredible resource that we’ve linked to below as well, with all of the steps of the family meeting outlined simply for you.

Join us as we walk through the key steps to use this tool to address ANY problem the family is facing, while also creating more connection, love, and joy for your family. 


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