Olivia June Williams

How To Improve Your Mental Health: Simple Tools & Products You Can Use Daily w/Olivia June Williams

If you have ever experienced feelings of depression, anxiety, difficulty focusing, lack of motivation…and let’s be honest, who of us hasn’t experienced these at some point in our lives…this episode is going to be so chock full of resources for you. 

In this episode I got to sit down with Olivia June Williams. Olivia is the co-founder of PYM, the mental hygiene company devoted to making safe, natural, and effective support that replenishes your mental health’s essential nutrients and builds healthy, balanced neurotransmitter function.

In addition to co-founding PYM, she founded and leads the App Store award-winning app, “Hey! VINA”, often referred to as the “Tinder for (girl) friends” that has connected millions of women in 158 countries and is backed by NEA, Greylock, and Match Group.

She’s had some pretty dark tragedies that have happened to her family members, one of which is a household name that we all know…one of our favorite, most beloved actors, and how his tragic passing set her and her husband on a trajectory of creating a product to help impact mental health for the better. 

We’re going to talk all about neurotransmitters, so you can walk away with a deep understanding of these beautiful chemical messengers that we all have in our brains. We’ll talk about what they do, how we can use them, and what we can do to help them. And I’m so excited for her to share about the products that she and her husband, Zach, created.

It’s one of my favorite products. It’s natural, it’s clean, and it makes your brain feel so good. I love it. 

And you’re going to love this one. 


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