Melissa Sonners

Real Self-Care for Busy Women: Taking Care of Yourself in the Midst of a Hectic Life

If you’re a busy woman who knows that somehow, someway, you’ve got to get back to taking better care of yourself, this episode is for you! 

There’s a lot of fluffy stuff floating around out there about “self-care,” and while some of it may be a form of self-care, there are a lot of practical, quick, and free things you can do that are TRUE forms of self-care and make the biggest impact on how you show up in the world. 

In this episode I’m going to share very short, bite sized, tangible take home tips that you can implement into even the busiest of lives that are going to help get you back to feeling like you again. 

If that sounds like you, hit play and let’s get started!


Here are the previous 3 episodes where we laid the groundwork for this one. If you missed any of those, go back and listen to those first and then come back to this one. 

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