Melissa Sonners

From Burnout to Breakthrough: A Doctor's Guide to Personal Vitality

If you’re a caretaker in your professional or personal life and have ever hit burnout from putting everyone’s needs above your own, this episode is for you!

It’s chock full of free, easy resources to get your life back.

As a busy mom of three and running multiple businesses, a handful of years ago my physical, mental, and emotional health hit rock bottom.

And like most women I hid it from the world, so hardly anyone knew how badly I was suffering. 

I realized I needed to come up with ways to get back to myself, and also ensure that this never happened again. 

Recently I was able to share these tips and tools with a group of practitioners, doctors, and caretakers at an anti-aging conference in Las Vegas, and this episode is that talk! 

I share five simple tools that can change your life, and I’m so excited to share it with you.


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