NOT Doing This For Ourselves Can Actually Harm Others

Not speaking up for yourself and what you want, need, and believe doesn’t just hurt you, but can hurt other people. 

You aren’t doing this to be selfish. It’s actually what enables you to take good care of the people you love. And without it, you’ll crash and burn and usually take others down with you. 

Today I want to share a true story with you that illustrates this idea perfectly. 

It’s a powerful story that can create a bridge to completely change this for you in those situations where you’re faced with either speaking up for yourself or staying quiet. 

I hope it will help you pause and remember that it’s not just you and your well-being that’s on the line here, but other’s well-being as well.

So it’s not selfish. It’s self-less. 

Strengthening this ability will help you start living a life out of your design rather than someone else’s. Living a life that we choose rather than one we have to run away and escape from. 

So join me in this episode if you’re ready to move from a state of stress, anxiety, feeling spread too thin, and maybe angry, resentful, or lonely, to a state of more ease, calm, balance, and joy in your life. 

Here are the items or resources we discussed in this episode:

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