Not sleeping? Try this!

If you’re having trouble with sleep…whether it’s hard to fall asleep, you wake up a lot, or just don’t feel rested the next day, it’s so common these days for people to struggle with sleep. 

Why is that, and what can we do about it?

In this episode I get to interview Mollie Eastman, creator of Sleep Is A Skill and the host of the Sleep Is A Skill Podcast, and we’re going to dive into all things sleep. 

So if that’s you and you struggle with sleep, or you’re looking to optimize and maximize your sleep, this episode is for you!

We are going to discuss things that get in the way of good sleep, as well as tips and tools that you can apply amidst your “real life” where you can’t do everything perfectly or control every scenario.

Even if you think good sleep just isn’t possible for you, Mollie says differently! As someone who always struggled with sleep and thought that’s how it will always be, she understands first-hand how challenging this can be. 

But after years of research and a lot of trial and error, Mollie has drastically improved her own sleep, as well as the sleep of so many others.

There are many things the average person can do to influence their sleep results, and good sleep IS possible for you!

So if you’re ready to learn about the science of sleep and how good sleep is actually a skill that you can develop, let’s dive in! 



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