Melissa Sonners

Beat Burn Out With These 5 Steps | Ep 47

How many women out there feel depleted, exhausted, and overwhelmed by the end of the day, only to then realize that you soon have to go to bed and repeat it all again the next day.

This happens to so many of us because, as women, we naturally put the needs of everyone else before our own, and don’t carve out time or space to take care of ourselves. 

The problem is that you actually DO have time to take better care of yourself, but you’re likely filling these moments with things that do NOTHING for your soul. Things like scrolling social media, checking emails, or catching up on the many things you “should” be doing. 

The key is developing a personalized plan for YOU so that you can fill these pockets of time with things that bring you joy and energy. 

Now you might be thinking “Melissa, I don’t have time for self-care.”
I hear you…but true self-care does NOT have to take much time! 

If you can carve out 5 minutes every single day (and I know you can!), you can use what I call the Connection Code to fill your cup and stop ending your days on empty. 

In this episode I’m going to break down the Connection Code, and help you make 5 minutes feel like you spent hours taking care of yourself. 


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