Lauren Berlingeri

Prioritize Your Mental & Physical Health w/Lauren Berlingeri

A year after having her twins, HigherDOSE co-founder Lauren Berlingeri had a grand mal seizure. It was a big wake up call for the way she was living, not putting herself first.


“You feel like you’re not doing anything well enough. I wasn’t with my kids and connecting with them enough. I wasn’t doing my job as an entrepreneur enough. I wasn’t taking care of myself and my body enough.


So I really had to take space and time to sift through my day to day to figure out what is serving me, for my higher being of myself, my kids, and my business, and what is not. 


And from that moment on, I literally have made sure that I do something for myself every day, making space for it.”


In case you don’t know who Lauren is, she is the co-founder of one of the most incredible companies, HigherDOSE (which we talk about in the episode). 


She is a health enthusiast, a gorgeous fitness model, and an authentic woman who talks about the struggle of PTSD after the birth of her twins. 


What I love about Lauren is that she figured out how to get herself out of that hole by using some really incredible health tools. 


Not only did she do that, but she wants to help other women do the same (with her company, with her amazing YouTube series, Biohack-Hers, and by sharing her story).


Be prepared to hear from a woman who has gone through the depths, tried so many things, and shares what she’s learned through it all.


You’re not gonna wanna miss this one and you’re absolutely gonna wanna share this with all your girlfriends. 



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