Joseph Anew

Start Evolving & Connecting With Your Higher Self w/Joseph Anew

Evolving, changing our programing, or stepping beyond trauma is a process, and it’s not going to be perfect. It often looks like two steps forward, one step back. But that’s the way the world works. Just realize that every time you work through something, especially when it’s something you thought you’ve already addressed, there’s often a different lesson or additional layer to work through. 


This episode is with my dear friend Joseph Anew. Joseph is a health, fitness, and nutrition expert. He and his wife run an event called Runga, which is one of my favorite events we go to every year. 


Joseph has undergone immense personal transformation, especially since the birth of his son. We talk about how certain events in our lives will create a fork in the road where we can choose which path we want to take.


How things happen for us, not to us, and set us on a trajectory that has the power to change our lives.


We also talk about how growth and change can affect the relationships around you. 




If you’re looking for extra help and guidance in your journey, click here to check out Joseph’s Momentum Coaching program!

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