Circadian Rhythm Swap

Circadian Rhythm Swap

Let’s talk about light.

Have you been hearing about red light and blue light? Are you wondering what all the buzz is about? Or perhaps you haven’t heard yet.  So let me explain.  

In the spectrum of light there are many colors, including blue light and red light (along with many others).  We are supposed to be exposed to all the colors/spectrum of this light.   The way that our lives are currently designed, we are OVEREXPOSED to BLUE light and UNDEREXPOSED to RED light.  

This imbalance can lead to: 

  • Digital eye strain
  • Fatigue 
  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision 
  • Sleep disturbances (blue light negatively impacts melatonin production) 

*Some studies have shown that women with lower levels of melatonin, such as those that work the night shift or get fewer hours of sleep, have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. 

Blue light is the light that comes off our computers, tvs, iPads, phones, fluorescent lighting in many office settings, stores, malls etc.  We are constantly bombarded with blue light. 

Additionally, before the sun is up and after the sun goes down, the only COLOR light we are meant to see is RED.  Think back to caveman and tribal days- we haven’t genetically evolved much from then and essentially have the same needs.  Back then, if there was no sun the only light you saw was from the FIRE.  

Use that as your guide.  As much as possible, if there is no sun, surround and use only RED light.  How do you do this? 

  1. Wear blue light blockers.  This is crucial if you are someone who is on phone/emails/texts or watches movies or anything before or after the sun is out. SHOP BLUE LIGHT BLOCKERS
  2. In your home use some RED light bulbs in your lamps.  Turn these lights on when it’s dark out.
    1. *Extra bonus- if you are someone who is up at night with a baby, the red light will allow you to see, but not disrupt anyones circadian rhythm. SHOP RED LIGHT BULBS
  3. If you want to go a bit deeper, get yourself the photon light from SAUNA SPACE. This thing is amazing.  You can get a small version and put it next to your computer/screen to help balance any blue light, or you can do what we’re doing and set it on your coffee table like a beautiful glowing fire in the middle of your family room 🔥
    1. This photon light emits a very similar light distribution to the sun and feels OH SO GOOD! Use Code: HBOTUSA5

Most importantly, Get sunlight EVERY SINGLE DAY.  No matter the temperatures where you live, get outside and watch the sunrise or sunset and get some daytime sun.  This is one of the BEST things you can do for your mind, body and soul and it’s FREE! 

Message me if you have any questions.  I’d love to hear.  What’s the ONE thing you will do TODAY to balance out your light exposures and what is the NEW HABIT you will incorporate THIS WEEK to take it one step further.