Let me start this by saying I LOVE coffee.  I didn’t really drink coffee until after chiropractic school and couldn’t believe I had been missing out on this through my college and post graduate years.  What an amazing feeling! I felt like my cup of joe would literally turn me into a superwoman. 

I often joked with Jason when he would ask me a question in the morning about something business related.  “I’m not sure but I bet the answer is at the bottom of this cup!” 

Coffee has been such a major crutch for me as well as a way to feel I am NOURISHING myself during my morning ritual.  As a mama of three and someone who runs multiple businesses, this has been a very important staple in my life. 

Over the past couple of years I have been on a journey to create more balance & harmony in my life.  To LISTEN to my SOUL more and really LEAN in to what my body is begging for.  I would crave a slow day but instead would caffeinate to get that HIGH and urge to push through.  I knew in my heart that this wasn’t serving me and was showing up as burn out, fatigue and a feeling of emptiness in other aspects of my life.  

My dear friend, Dr. Sonya Jensen who is a naturopath taught me a lot about listening to the RHYTHMS of our CYCLES.  That as women, our bodies naturally direct us (if we LISTEN) to the behaviors and activities that we need during certain times of our cycle.  During certain weeks we go more INTERNAL, and there are reasons for that both hormonally and for our survival.  Other weeks we crave connection and social experiences.  Knowing the SCIENCE behind this helped empower me to LISTEN.  You can also LISTEN to our recent PODCAST on this subject by clicking   

The more I learned about what my body was actually needing in order to feel its best the more I realized coffee had to go.  

I know myself enough to know that the second you tell me I CAN’T have something I want it more so cutting coffee out cold turkey was not something I was interested in. 

Instead, I slowly phased it out by switching to a brand that felt so much more balanced and it was such a seamless and easy process and I feel SO much better.  

Would you like to know how I did it? 

Many coffee beans contain many pesticides, mycotoxins (mold) and other chemicals so it’s so important to only drink organic coffee when possible.  

Although I had been drinking organic for years, a major SHIFT happened when I switched to a coffee company that also contained ADAPTOGENS.  Adaptogens are little magical substances that help physiologically stabilize physiological processes in our bodies, promoting homeostasis.  

I was introduced to Four Sigmatic coffee at the Runga Life Experience and was instantly amazed at how much more balanced I felt drinking their coffee. No HUGE surge of energy, but no crash either.  Just MASSIVE clarity and felt great.  

After getting to spend some time with Tero, the owner who was also attending the event, I truly realized how powerful the adaptogenic mushrooms in his product are. 

I instantly switched over all my coffee to their THINK blend which actually contains half the caffeine of traditional coffee.  For a couple of days I felt a TINY bit less caffeinated than usual, but still I loved the clarity and calm that I noticed so I was ok with it.  

Gradually over time I was able to cut that down even more.  They have a BALANCE blend that is half caf but for whatever reason I preferred to actually make my own by blending the grounds from THINK & CHILL (their DECAF) blend.  

Now, I am completely off caffeine (except for an occasional caffeinated beverage here and there mostly when I travel) and only drink their CHILL blend although I do love to add some of their other products into my cup.  

Here are some of my favorites along with a bit of info on what they contain:

  1. THINK Elixir Mix: adds caffeine free focus.
    1. Organic LIONS MANE mushroom – brain boosting 
    2. Organic Rhodiola – Gold standard for productivity & creativity 
    3. Organic field mint and rose hips extract- delicious little vitamin C bombs to help make lions mane more bioavailable to your body. 

You can check out all their incredible products here:

Four Sigmatic –

And be sure to use my code SONNERS10 for a discount.