Feel your best during summer travel with these tools

Feel Your Best While Traveling! 

Traveling is a blast AND it CAN be devastating on our health and sleep if we let it. 

In this blog I will share all my tips and tools for feeling and functioning at your best amidst travel this summer. I will also share my absolute non-negotiable products that come with me everytime.  These tools even get me through red-eye flights and hopping major time zones when we go overseas. So rest assured, they work. 

Whether you are jet setting to another country or simply hopping in the car to go see Aunt Millie, I’ve got you 🙂 

I’ll also have a specific section JUST on ensuring best sleep and easiest ways to reset to timezones as well.  

Many years ago when I was still recovering from Lyme AND our travel for work and life was majorly ramping up I realized I needed to create easy ways to prioritize my health while on the road/plane etc.  I’ve mastered this system and so excited to share it with you. 

I’d love to hear any feedback once you start using this system.  Feel free to comment or reach out via email with any questions.  

Email: InspiredMama@BeInspiredMama.com

Blue light blockers:  

These are SO key, especially when jumping time zones.  Here are my two favorites: 

You can grab yours HERE: https://bit.ly/4eehK4U

There are also some less expensive, equally as effective ones in my travel amazon cart which you can access here:  SMART SEED TEAM- WILL GIVE YOU LINK TOMORROW 

Regular travel: 

  • If we are staying in time zone I mainly just use my yellow lenses in airports to help mitigate the horrible blue and white light.  Overexposure to blue and white light – which we are bombarded with in airports is known to: 
    • Decrease ATP (energy) production
    • Decrease melatonin
    • Negatively impact circadian rhythm
    • Contribute to headaches and eye strain

I take my blue light blockers EVERYWHERE when we travel as they help ensure I feel my best.  

  • Also, these are great to wear if you have late night social events. 

They help take the edge off the bright blinding lights so when you finally DO get to hit the bed to go to sleep you are primed and ready because you were able to make melatonin (MAGIC SLEEP NEUROTRANSMITTER) despite exposure to bright lights that would otherwise block its production.  

Simply put, we need Melatonin to help us sleep (among other things) and blue and white light prevent its production.  

  • If I REALLY want to get good sleep and don’t really need to be aware of what’s going on I use my red lenses. More on that below. 

Red eye flights or time zone hopping: 

  • The key is to be able to get at least some sleep on the plane.  Melatonin production is key so blocking out the bright airport and airplane (if daytime flight) is key. 
  • At airport: wear yellow/amber lenses: so I can SEE while still mitigating the amount of bright light going into my eyeballs 
  • Once boarding the plane begins and were in line I put on the red lenses.  A bit difficult to see, but totally doable for boarding and finding seats. 

Supplements ALWAYS in my travel bag:

    • Charcoal: so many hotels are moldy and packed with toxins.  Charcoal helps take the edge of pulling them out of our bodies. I take 2 every single night.  Here is my favorite brand. https://glnk.io/zvxl/hbotusa Use code: HBOTUSA for a discount. 
    • Nasal spray: helps with dry hotel rooms or any environmental irritants our bodies aren’t use to. My favorite nasal spray https://amzn.to/3Vbvx3x 
  • Magnesium: Helps keep our nervous system calm and promote deep sleep: https://bit.ly/4aQ8jFV
    USE CODE: INSPIRED for a discount 

Other things I always pack

  • A book: I always travel with the book we are reading in my online book club I created.  To get more info and to see our latest read go here: https://beinspiredmama.com/booknook/
  • Amber Book light so I can read in hotel without disturbing anyone’s sleep early in morning or as they drift off at night (there are typically five of us in one room) https://amzn.to/3SXa3Gx 
  • ear plugs 
  • water bottle 
  • Electrolytes – I tend to grab “Ultima” from Amazon.  Great price and help me stay hydrated during travel.  They have travel size or regular size.

Easy Amazon Links: 

To make this super easy for you, I loaded most of my favorites into an amazon cart for you.  You can check that out here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/drs_sonners/list/BLDGH4OPSINM?ref_=aipsflist_aipsfdrs_sonners 

Also included in the cart are some of my favorite to go coffee options so I don’t drink yucky hotel room coffee full of mold and toxins.  

Most Importantly: 

Get in nature as much as possible leading up to and right after flights.  It helps ground us, set our circadian rhythm and fresh air is SO needed after a day in the airport.  Our windows are ALWAYS down in car ride TO and FROM airport – especially if in an UBER with toxic air fresheners.  

Then we get our feet in nature as much as possible.  

Wishing you an incredible summer full of adventures, seeing the people and places you love AND feeling great while you do it!