Carpools, after school activities, meal planning, food prepping and all the other busy-ness of being a mama get my head spinning and I KNOW I am not alone in this. 

For the past couple of years I have been working on incorporating more tools that slow my mind, calm my spirit and keep me grounded and present.  I have noticed a MAJOR positive impact in my life from this shift.  When stressful things happen I may bounce into a state of fight or flight for a bit, but I come back to harmony way more efficiently.  

I’ve been meditating (almost) every morning for a couple of years (HIGHLY recommend) and lately, focusing more on the power of the breath. 

I am a goal-getter and LOVE having a target, a North Star, destination or big reach that sets me on my path.  In the past these targets have been things like marathons, Ironman event and challenges that would force me to focus on specific training that would take me out of my comfort zone as well as positively impact other areas of my life.  Discipline (having to train at 4am for Ironman), clean eating and accountability, being protective of bedtime and getting good sleep, taking care of my body have all been major lessons learned through this training. 

Now, I am setting a SUPER exciting goal of FREEDIVING with a whale shark. Freediving is simply diving underwater without the use of a breathing apparatus.  For me, freediving equals freedom.  

There is something that being underwater does for me that NOTHING else does. My mind quiets, I am completely present.  No emails, no texts, no social media, nobody needing me. I am completely FREE and at PEACE. 

Gearing up to my main event I am “forced” to work on breath-work, being able to calm my body amidst stress of an unfamiliar environment, a better understanding of the ocean and its inhabitants and spending more time in quiet.  Yes please! 

I am happy to be on this journey and I share it with you in hopes that it encourages or inspires you to also set a goal that guides you into places you’ve never been.  Maybe it’s a physical event, maybe its something as simple as a really epic trip with your girlfriend.  Whatever it is, set your North Star and enjoy the journey! 

What has been one of your favorite goals you have set so far? I would LOVE to know.