I Am Leaving My Gym

I’m about to BE the HEALTHIEST I have EVER been and the first step of that is leaving my gym.  

Crazy, right? 

Twelve years ago I joined a Crossfit gym. I had just had our first child and wanted a way to get my body back.  I was in the thick of recovering from birth, experiencing a whole new world that was both incredibly beautiful AND at same time- so very challenging. 

I didn’t recognize my body, I felt feelings I have never felt- some extremely high, and some pretty low.  My hormones were all over the place and at the same time I was trying so hard to immediately integrate back into my old life of working, running a business, working out and showing up for everyone else.  

The gym was fast paced, adrenaline filled and felt familiar.  It’s done its job for 12 years.  It’s FAMILIAR.  

I knew the FORMULA I needed to follow in order to get the RESULTS I wanted. 

I wanted to fit in my size 2 jeans, have vibrant energy, listen to music and move my body. I wanted to be TIGHT.  It worked. 

When we moved to Miami, finding my gym was just as much of a priority as finding our home.  My gym has been my constant in my life amidst so many changes.  I gravitated towards what was FAMILIAR so that I didn’t have to THINK about anything.  It was a conscious, easy decision amidst the move and it served it’s purpose.  

But now, I’m creating a different FORMULA for how I want to FEEL.  

I want to be OPEN, FEMININE, FREE and LIGHT.  

That is the RESULT I want and now I’m building out the formula to get there. 

Some of the pieces I’ve come up with so far are: 

  • Meditation
  • Light
  • Time In Nature
  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Breath-work
  • Ocean Play 

I know I‘ll add in some others along the way and am so excited to step into the UNFAMILIAR and see what comes out.  

Stay tuned!