Im a writer

And yes, you’re right. I left out the apostrophe above, intentionally. If you are someone who saw that and perhaps even cringed a little for me or judged me (it’s ok), this message is for YOU ⭐️

I’m a writer.  

Not because I have perfect grammar, far from it. I often don’t know when to use the word “effect” vs. “affect.” I often write “every single day” instead of “everyday” because I forget when it’s supposed to be one word, versus two. 

I AM a writer because when I am most CONNECTED to my truest self, when I feel my BEST, I can’t help BUT write. I can’t stop the words from flowing THROUGH me. I sometimes wake in the night and have to get to my ipad to “write.” I type to write because so often the words are coming to me so quickly and I can type faster (and neater) than I can get the words out with a pen & paper. When I am having a higher self experience, where I feel so connected to something bigger than me, I write. I write without trying. I create a story out of what I’m experiencing in the moment and frame it in a way that it can (hopefully) inspire others.

At times, I literally have to STOP what I’m doing and go grab a notebook or my ipad to let the thoughts come to life.  I was in the middle of a workout and cut it short to get these ones down.  

There is a line in the book, “Letters to a Poet” that resonated so deeply with me. “If, when you wake up in the morning, you can think of nothing but writing . . . then you are a writer.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke.  

I am a writer. 

I share this with all of you because we ALL have this spark in us. We all have something that comes THROUGH us that wants to come out. We are all artists HERE 🌎to create.  

Spend enough time with yourself without distraction and you’ll EASILY see what your art is. Give yourself permission to not do it perfectly. Let it be messy. Let it be a learning process.  

EVERY SINGLE thing that I DO and SHARE is to help YOU get back to your truest self. Whether it’s health tools that can help you feel and function at a higher level, sharing stories of others that have overcome challenges, or showing you how I do it, I am here to RE-MIND you to get back to YOU  ⭐️  The more of us that can do this, the better this world will be. THIS is how we impact future generations to come.  

So…What do you WANT to do? Do you want to learn to play the piano? Take a dance class? Learn to knit? Learn to bake bread? Pole dance? Sing? 

Whatever it is, go DO IT! 

You know how old you’ll be by the time you learn how to do it? The same age you’ll be if you don’t 😜

Don’t let age stop you. The beauty is in the process and you’re WORTH taking the time. 

Think of ALL the excuses you are making as to WHY you won’t do IT. Whatever it is, write them down and SIT with them. Use this as your meditation. Message me if needed. You can often find these are just silly excuses we use because it can feel scary to jump in. It can feel scary to step into our power, to let ourselves truly shine.  It is our light that often scares us the most.  

Saying out loud that I am a writer can feel scary as sh$% as all the things I don’t do well can easily come up. But I’m here to have FUN so I’m just gonna let that stuff go! 

When we can FREE ourselves from judgment we give ourselves (and others) permission to do the same.  

Drop a ❤️ if you agree!