Jealousy is DESIRE Without Action

I used to get JEALOUS.  Like REALLY, REALLY jealous when I saw something DOING something or that HAD something that I wanted. 

I would feel that YUCK feeling in my gut, followed by a pang of “not good enough” and then I’d STUFF it… 

I’d push it deep deep down because it felt yucky, shameful and I just wanted to forget it.

EVERYTHING in my life changed when I RE-FRAMED jealousy into DESIRE. 

Jealousy is now a ROAD-MAP for what I want in my life and it can be in YOURS TOO.  

We don’t need to fear jealousy.  We don’t need to feel yucky when it comes up.  I used to feel so guilty when I felt pangs of jealousy about things my closest friends had or were doing.  “How can I feel such an UGLY feeling about someone I love so much?!” I would think.  I now am SO comfortable asking my friends, loved ones, ANYONE questions about HOW they created what they have bc I now KNOW I can create it too.  





The previous feeling of JEALOUSY that is now my road map is HONESTLY one of my MOST FAVORITE feelings that comes up bc I now know it means something GREAT is going to happen. 

Here is what I mean. 

We don’t feel jealousy over things we don’t want.  We feel it over the things we want SO BADLY that we’re often scared to admit it to ourselves because we think we can’t have it.  We don’t have what it takes to create it.  But none of that is true. 

Ever hear of the four minute mile? Nobody thought running a four minute mile was possible until in 1954 Roger Bannister ran the four minute mile.  All of a sudden people everywhere started doing the same. 

Once we know something is humanly possible and we WATCH someone do it, it becomes easier for us to do the same. 

And THIS is how you turn JEALOUSY into ACTION:

  1. Lean into the mantra “if they can create it/do it so can I.”
  2. Surround yourself with people who WANT to help you.  This way, when you ask them how THEY did it, they will be so excited to share exactly how so U CAN TOO! 
  3. Ask questions, LOTS of them. Who helped them, how did they do it? How did they handle ALL the challenges that came up? Ask them if you can reach out to them when YOU experience challenges.  Having people around you that are STEPS ahead of you and can help guide your way is KEY. 
  4. Be WILLING to do the work.  I LOVE manifestation and the idea that we can create the life of our dreams.  And at the same time, I’m just not one that (perhaps yet) feels that we just envision it and it appears.  We have GOT TO BE WILLING to do the work to get it.  Willing to get out of our comfort zones, willing to make sacrifices, willing to BE the person we need to be in order to meet the opportunity.  People that create the life of their dreams are not lucky.  They are willing to do the work.  

Ok, so what happens when you get the pang of jealousy and then try this and the voice comes up that says things like, “I can’t do it like her, I don’t have that same kind of support/help/life…” etc.  

You’re right.  You can’t do it like her.  The thing you create WON’T look like hers. 

It can’t. 

It won’t. 

It shouldn’t. 

Because this one, this one is ALL YOURS!