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What People Say

Great content!
Love this podcast that takes a deep dive into so many relevant topics in holistic lifestyle practices. Melissa shares her wealth of knowledge and experience and asks the right questions to bring great takeaway info to her listeners. Highly recommend it!
Admittedly, I have a hard time listening to an entire podcast, my attention span just isn't there, but I put on the first episode of the Be Inspired Mama and wow!! I listened to almost all that day. This is so so perfect for women and mamas. The content is raw, honest, necessary and inspiring!! Give this amazing woman a listen, you will not be disappointed!!
Dr. Melissa is amazing. She is a lifelong learner and her episodes stretch me to think in new ways / experiences. If you want to expand your joy and wellness this podcast is for you.

Meet Your Host

I’m on a mission to impact future generations to come by helping moms get unstuck.

I’m a holistic mama, entrepreneur, chiropractor, and friend. I am also the wife of a chiropractor and we’re raising three healthy kiddos. I know it’s possible to lead grounded, healthy, conscious lives in the midst of any busy, scattered, chaotic lifestyle. I’m on a mission to help moms get unstuck so we can positively impact generations of children to come.

Come tired, Leave inspired.

Dr. Melissa Sonners