Why We Chose Wave Block

Why We Chose Wave Block

Hey moms,

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m constantly juggling and doing my best to balance our kids’ exposure to technology.

Although I don’t love them being on iPads, iPods, computer games etc, I do also realize this is and will continue to be a big part of their world.  We give our kids (age appropriate) authority in making their decisions allowing them to have a sense of control, freedom and engage in critical thinking.   If there is something they’re interested in, we have conversations and listen to them on why they’re interested in it, why they think they’re mature for it and what healthy boundaries they’ll create around it. 

Recently, Levi has been wanting wireless earbuds.  We spend a decent amount of time on airplanes and our phones unfortunately no longer have headphone jacks.  On a recent cross country flight, he forgot his headphone adapter which is what prompted this conversation.  

Earbuds emit high levels of EMF/radiation.  Although it is still unknown exactly HOW exposure to high levels of EMF impacts us, there is emerging evidence that these can contribute to a variety of malignant tumors.  Although more studies are needed, some researchers feel there’s already enough evidence of harm from long-term, low-level exposure that EMF’s should be classified as a Group 1 known carcinogen.  Kids are especially sensitive to these EMF’s due to the rapid development of their brain and nervous systems.  

EMF’s are also suspected to contribute to: 

-Sleep disturbances




-Tinnitus (ringing in ear) 

& more 

Although Levi made some great points on why he deserves earbuds, this was a NO for us due to all of the above.  His determination led him to some searches on the internet looking for a solution and he came across Waveblock.

Waveblock has created an anti-radiation sticker that has been lab tested and proven to block the majority of EMF’s from earbuds.  

The founder of the company is a father of three and went on a mission to create a solution after realizing other countries limit EMF in nurseries and schools because of the impact they have, particularly on children.   

So we reached out to them and asked if we could try out their products.  We instantly tested the earbud wraps with our EMF meter and sure enough, the majority of the EMF’s were blocked! 

We were very surprised to also see that earbuds with waveblock on them created LESS exposure than a cellphone to the ear.  

So, Levi now has earbuds and is super happy- although he is only allowed to use them in extreme moderation, we feel at peace knowing his exposure is low. 

The products were so easy to apply, he did it himself and they didn’t negatively impact any sound quality or other features of the earbuds.  

If you haven’t already, check them out.  They have a variety of great products.  We also got the protective sticker for the back of our cellphones.  


Their prices are super affordable and you can also use our code SONNERS15 for a discount.

Let us know what you think!